Our Coahes

Introducing Our Expert Coaches:

Coach Basem - Personal Trainer: Fitness & Weight Lifting, Nutrition Specialist

Coach Basem stands as the epitome of expertise in the realms of fitness and weight lifting. As a dedicated personal trainer, he brings a wealth of knowledge to our Fitnation Gym community. His proficiency extends beyond the gym floor, offering invaluable nutrition tips to complement your fitness journey. Coach Basem curates invigorating classes, including heart-pounding Cardio Workouts and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions. Elevate your well-being under his guidance, and explore additional sessions such as Cupping Therapy, Massage, and specialized attention to sports injuries.

Coach Hamzeh & Coach Waseem - Personal, Fitness, and Weight Lifting Trainers

Meet Coach Hamzeh and Coach Waseem, the dynamic duo of personal, fitness, and weight lifting trainers at Fitnation Gym. Their combined expertise creates a comprehensive approach to your fitness objectives. As personal trainers, they tailor programs to suit your unique needs, fostering an environment where each workout is a step towards achieving your goals. With a focus on fitness and weight lifting, Coach Hamzeh and Coach Waseem bring a wealth of experience to guide you on your journey to peak physical well-being.

These coaches embody the commitment to excellence that defines Fitnation Gym, ensuring that every member receives personalized attention and unparalleled guidance in their pursuit of a healthier and stronger lifestyle.